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Language courses for companies

The implementation of a comprehensive program of language courses for professionals allows your employees to be more productive and efficient. SHOPUNIVERSITIES 'linguistic and cultural training courses are designed to meet the needs of professionals with busy schedules. Whether you need one-on-one language lessons for senior executives, group lessons at the workplace, or intensive private language lessons for employees preparing to move abroad, we can provide you with packages and plans adapted to each of these situations.

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As businesses grow globally, the chances of there being communication difficulties between teams also increase. SHOPUNIVERSITIES has extensive experience and expertise in teaching languages ​​and training businessmen and women in new cultures in Gabon.

We can train your teams to speak and write in a language suited to their function. We can also help them understand and integrate teams from other cultures, with which your employees are likely to work, and thus increase productivity. Our immersion courses, face-to-face language training and online tools can provide flexibility to suit busy schedules and varying budgets.

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"Support the next generation of professionals in the development and integration of Africa into Globalization."

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Thanks to our extensive offer of language courses for companies, we can intervene according to your needs to train one of your employees or your entire organization. Language courses in companies can be taken face-to-face or online, and in the latter case they are always delivered live and led by one of our trainers for maximum student participation. Our passionate and experienced trainers will help your employees learn the language as it is spoken in the country.

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  • Personalized programs, adapted to the needs of your company which allow your teams to develop the skills they need to achieve their objectives, and which respond appropriately to the sector of activity in which they operate as well as to their function.

  • Communication tools, to identify gaps in communication styles

  • Content with a vocabulary specific to your business

  • Several trainer-led delivery options, including face-to-face in a language center or in the workplace, online or blended learning, so your employees can take lessons according to their schedules and preferences.

  • Relocation services to ensure a comfortable transition for executives and their families during an expatriation

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